​Kim Layne Interiors

Kitchen and Bath Design:

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most difficult and time-consuming rooms to redesign in any home.  Kim has the expertise to make these projects a breeze, delivering the most well-built and beautifully designed spaces for your budget.

A good partner helps you make the best decision for what you need. From clients looking for full-service to builders and architects looking for a collaborative designer, Kim layne is the perfect ally to deliver a beautiful project with a smooth and streamlined process.

Builder/Architect Specs:  

Kim is the perfect design partner for a builder or architect.  Any designer is creative, but few creatives are great at driving the process the way Kim can.  She makes your job easier, effective and efficient, and will help you make more money on your homes.

Design in a Day:

​Kim can partner with you on one room, help you with a quick spruce-up, or consult with you on your vision for your home in a one quick four-hour visit.  These four hour blocks can also be bundled for even more design time and savings.

Full Service Design:

Allowing someone into your home is a parnetship built on trust. With her full-service design, Kim makes everything run smoothly and efficiently, working side-by-side with you to deliver gorgeous interiors custom-designed just for you.