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Design is Optimism

The Color and Mood of 2022

Kim Layne Interiors is embracing this as a year of radical optimism and positivity. Many of us are finding resilience and determination and want our interiors to reflect that spirit. Moods are elevating. Pastels are uplifting and intriguing, making them everything we desire right now. They're playful without a heavy hand, chasing off the shadows of Winter gloom. Our lives require a balance of soft and strong. Be open to pairing softer pastels with saturated color, bold patterns, and surfaces that shine. Keep it fun and full of light.


More than ever we're craving stability, and our homes are our sacred spaces. Natural elements help create balance within the home. Stone has a grounding effect, and wood nurtures us with a warmth and welcome we long for. Nature can create a foundation upon which to build more expressive and fun elements of pattern and color.


Fabulous Green

KLI is falling in love with green this year! It's fresh and rebellious. It can be deep and moody, bright and energetic, or soft and calming. Green is the queen of grounding and inspiration. It's creative versatility will breath life and rebirth into us all.

However you incorporate your style into your home or design this year, infuse it with optimism. Consider this quote from Asad Syrkett, "Design is a radical act of optimism". To our team, it's a perspective of hope and positivity. After all, design and invention spring from the idea that there's reason to rejoice in our surroundings and the belief that we can change our future.

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