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Luxurious Holiday Splendor

Updated: Mar 26

The holiday decorating season is upon us. Designers and homeowners alike are looking for new ideas to make their homes look festive and inviting. While the traditional colors of red and green will always be popular, we’d like a fresh take, and the opportunity to create something unique for this special time of year. Here’s some exciting ways to bring out your inner designer and give your home that modern holiday touch.

Look toward nature for your décor. Adding natural elements to your home can connect to the grounding of the outdoor world. Trees of any size are an excellent way to bring greenery indoors. For a spice of color, use dried chilis. Berries and fruit from your local market can be used to add festive color alongside greenery. Eucalyptus leaves are always wonderful with their beautiful blue green hue. Try hanging bundles in the bathroom creating a holiday spa, with added therapeutic aroma releasing with the steam. Freshen your door or mantel garland with unexpected sprigs of local natural foliage. Deep burgundies and gold grasses bring richness.

Clockwise from top: Hello Lovely Studios, Dejavu Designs, Summer Aranda, Oleaner and Palm

If you're looking to create visually appeal this holiday season, consider mixing in colors from your current decor. If your interior palette is primarily shades of green or blue, then throw in dashes of complimentary hues like warm golds, oranges and reds for added interest.


There's no need to use both red and green in every room. The use of monochromatic color schemes, which are the shades of one color with white or black added, can be refreshing. Add a dash of other hues to pull the eye around the room, creating intrigue. This could be a fun way to update the idea of holiday décor.

Left: Roman Bello

Share your festive designs with our team on Instagram! Tag a photo of your favorite holiday space with #KimLayneHoliday and we’ll leave you a fun comment. From our designers to you and yours, have a fantastic, stylish holiday.

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