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Millwork At Play

Updated: Mar 26

The elegant, dramatic and sometimes subtle style that millwork creates in our homes is something we’re celebrating. There’s a growing desire for wood detailing and the richness it creates. Whether it’s a structural element or a delicate trim, these are the details that finish and bring depth to a space.

Wood details interior designs

Photo Credit- Emily Redfield

Millwork is any wood detail, from exposed beams, flooring, and panels, to doors, built in cabinetry, trims and moulding. We’re collectively craving a nod to the past in our homes. Millwork is an integral part of our history and embraces an aesthetic born in quality of function and decorative craftmanship.

Consider style and scale when adding millwork to your interior. The overall style and age of a home can inform the type and amount of woodwork that will truly accent the bones of the home. Scale is important in a space as well. Ceiling height, window height, or overall dimensions should be considered. Small detail may get lost in large spaces, where as large detail could overwhelm or dwarf a smaller space.


There are an endless variety of paint colors and finishes to play with as well. A polished and subtle approach can be to paint millwork to match the wall color. Drama can be created with contrast in color or in surface finish. High polished wood can be decadent and warm. Unpainted wood can add a visual texture of exposed grain.

Top Photo Credit- Emily Redfield

Be creative and build in layers of interest in shape and detail. A home with great detail will pull the eye around the room bringing curiosity and comfort to the space. Visual movement can foster optimism and possibility, something we'd love to embrace here at Kim Layne Interiors.


Our design team would love to help you incorporate the richness of millwork into your home. Let's talk!

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