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Kim Layne Interiors

For over 20 years Kim Layne has been a sought after designer creating beautiful interiors throughout the Western states.

Founded in 1999, Kim Layne Interiors is a luxury full-service design firm with a talented team of Designers who work on up-scale residential, model home, and Builder design projects. 

Known for uniquely creative solutions and skillful management of large and small scale projects alike, KLI seamlessly creates original and beautiful results within a smooth and streamlined process.

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About Kim Layne

Founder + Chief Creative Officer

Kim Layne is the creative force behind KLI. She brings a drive and passion to her company’s design aesthetics. Her interwoven elements reflect an effortless style. With a joyous personality and a love for people, Kim thrives in orchestrating large and small jobs. A natural, personal style combined with a rich business education, make her a sought-after designer.

Meet The Team

Angela West

Director of Design + Senior Designer

Angela joined the Kim Layne Interiors team in March of 2018. With her background in home building, attention to detail, and a keen eye for design, she’s been indispensable to the KLI team. Inspired by architecture and nature, she loves to create design where timeless meets modern.   Outside of work, born and raised in Colorado, she enjoys all the state has to offer with her son.

Picture of a Woman
Picture of a Woman

Summer Aranda

Director of Marketing, Designer

Summer is an Artist and Designer residing in Conifer, CO. Her input to creative design aspects and marketing strategies is informed by her lifelong artistic experiences. Some things that fuel her creativity and love of life include yoga, hiking, art, music, and travel.

Sydney Coy


Sydney began her Interior Design career with the Kim Layne Interiors team. Her inspiration lies in the construction and artistic side of design. She has a talent for managing project detail, team collaboration, and client interaction. Many of her skills from Real Estate have been an asset in the Interior Design world. When not in design mode, she loves hockey, horses, and anything outdoors with her husband and dogs.

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