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An Extraordinary Build

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

This gem of a design came together strong with a perfect Architect, Builder, and Design trio, selling for a record amount. Boasting classic elements playing in the field of modernity, the limestone exterior is paired with metal and expansive glass. The traditional stone fireplace re-ignites amongst exposed metal contrast and warming wood, creating unity and balance. The kitchen features a nod to the past with a beautiful farm-style sink amidst bright white marble and shining tile. The beauty of using tradition in design is that it retains a connection to where we’ve come from. Placing it amongst current and innovative design breathes new life and optimism into the space. Creating cohesion between past, present, and future acknowledges the whole journey and the movement forward.

This home has great feng-shui. The exterior welcomes visitors with a lofty, airy appeal. It features a trio of full-length glass windows. The transparent walls within continue throughout, open, yet allowing for separation. Finding continuity with retractable glass doors opening to the patio, creating a wonderful connection to nature and a zenith for the flow.

Fun and surprising details complete the home, adding personality and unique charm. The lighting has perfect placement, accenting and highlighting with beautiful pendants and chandeliers. Texture in tile and wallpaper creates interest and curiosity, urging one to explore the home further.

Our designers at Kim Layne Interiors found perfect unity and a conduit for this home working with the capable builder, Devex Properties, and the talented architect, Don Goerig.


Contact us at Kim Layne Interiors to begin your extraordinary build.

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