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Updated: Apr 4

Designing or renovating a kitchen is one of the biggest design considerations since it has one of the highest impacts on the value of a home. Here are some of Kim Layne Interiors' favorite current trends for keeping things hot in the kitchen.

Kitchen interior design

Kim Layne Interiors

Dark & Contrasting Cabinets

We've loved the dark cabinetry trend, with its drama and moodiness. The contrast that can be created is stunning. The darkness adds a bold, clean look. We're also seeing these dark cabinets combined with light or natural wood cabinetry. Natural stains can add warmth. This creates depth, giving a grounded, multi-faceted feel that still leans crisp and modern.


Waterfall & Unique Islands

One of the cleanest looks for a kitchen is the waterfall island. We love using them in our designs. It creates elegance with continuity. Unique variations in height is another of our favorites and can add texture and interest to a design. Marble look quartz is a beautiful, striking option for an island. Other natural, or even concrete look materials also make for a great island in high style.

Kim Layne Interiors

Panel Ready & Matte Appliances

The trend for sleek, elegance has created a demand for panel ready and matte appliance finishes. The desire for the functional to blend into the backdrop or add richness to a design has pushed the industry to offer a wide range of customizable options. Both of these appliance options can add a timeless appeal.

Kim Layne Interiors, (left two) / Cafe Appliances

When considering a kitchen design or re-vamp, functionality and relevance should be top of mind, especially when full market value is priority. We have our finger on the pulse of current trends and the experience to manage this type of project with ease. Let the Kim Layne team guide your next design project.

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