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Dynamic Design

Updated: Mar 26

We’ve been pondering, what makes a good design really stellar? An interior can have all the right elements but still lack that striking allure. Next-level design can be as simple as accenting an element in a bold way. Three of these elements we consider key are Color, Texture, and Scale.


Use color to add drama or pizazz. Being bold with color on a large scale on walls or cabinets can make a big impact. Smaller accents and hits of contrast can also add that special touch within a space. The versatility of color makes it a magnificent tool to utilize across many mediums within the design. Paint, upholstery, textiles, art, tile, and wallpaper can all utilize color as a dynamic aspect of design.


Texture also makes a great visual impact. Patterns create texture. Think striking tile-work, or bold patterned upholstery and textile. Wallpaper is another wonderful way to create texture visually. Texture can be tactile as well as visual. Three-dimensional sculpture or high gloss surfaces are a couple of bold ways to add texture and intrigue.


The use of scale is a great tool, especially in large spaces. Even within smaller spaces a relatively large piece of art or visual aspect can create drama. A great way to utilize scale would be in wall coverings and tile. If space is available, oversized furniture, art and sculpture may be the key to a visual wow.

Our team finds that a special bold detail is an excellent way to bring personality and dazzle to our designs. Though it sometimes takes intuition, considering these three aspects above helps us put the "zing" into any design, setting the stage for more dynamic spaces.


We can help bring that perfect pizazz to your home design. Contact our Kim Layne Interiors Team today!

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