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Fantastic World of Tile

Nothing's greater than the feel of cool tile beneath your toes during the hot summer months. These days there's a whole world of tile laid at our feet! The industry has a "Sky's the Limit" attitude, with an amazing array of options for every desire. The versatility and practicality of tile are hard to match where our home meets water and wear.

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Realistic marble, wood grain, and concrete-like looks are on par with the real thing. These gorgeous varieties have the bonus of practicality and durability. Easy upkeep and mark-resistant surfaces are where ceramic excels. Look for these lasting trends in new and exciting applications across the home.


This is the year to go big at home. Large-format tiles are stealing the show! Oversized slabs, large shapes, and big designs all play a part in this monster trend. Giant tiles on floors and as wall accents are spanning spaces. Slabs of marble or concrete look for bath, kitchen backsplashes, islands, and fireplaces. Large format designs are hugely appealing and span into the realm of art.

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Textured tile and geometric shapes are bringing a sculptural element into the home. Texture can stand alone on walls like panels of art. Hexagons and herringbone are hot in the summer, as well as intricate patterning. Square tiles on the diagonal can even create interest and geometry to floors and walls.

There are two main styles at play in design today. One stems from our craving for grounding and serenity within our homes. Envelope the space in tranquility and create a spa-like feel. Connect to nature and serenity through mattes surfaces that mimic stone and wood. Choose soft, earthy palettes with hues of blues and greens, or warm muted terra cotta and warm beiges. Deep lagoon colors create depth. Greys are still strongly appealing and blend into calm spaces with ease.


The other strong influence of style embraces drama and glamour. Go for high gloss and metallic finishes or bursts of rich, saturated color. High drama gloss on floors and walls dances light and evokes the elegance of ballroom sparkle. Metallic finishes also reflect and create richness. Be playful with fully saturated and bursts of colorful fun. We're loving pink. It can create a timeless look with blush and earthy tones. It can also add a bit of glamor to a space with candy pops which are perfect for an alcove or tiny bath.

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Express uniqueness or a state of being that resonates with you. Contact Kim Layne Interiors. Together we'll create your perfect home.

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