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The Kitchen has always been a focal point in many a great home. A place to gather, create, and recharge. This year shines a spotlight on Cabinetry. Here’s how it’s heating up the scene in 2020!

COLOR! Front and center. Whether creating drama or accenting a palette, colored cabinetry is all the rage. Blues and greens in lighter shades create a calming, anxiety reducing space. For drama, go dark,  in navy blue, black, or even deep purple.

We’re also taking a shine to metal cabinetry. A uniquely purposeful and minimalist take on material. If minimalism speaks to you, opt for floating shelves, or without hardware or molding. 

Create warmth and a classic mood with lighting within glass cabinetry, near floating shelves or under an island!

Check back in for more of what we love! Contact us to start a design project.

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