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Illuminated Spaces

Updated: Mar 26

Lighting is a key element in Interior design. The right lighting can add atmosphere, dimension, and highlight personality, transforming and elevating the space. Your three types of lighting are ambient, task, and accent. It takes skill and creativity to optimize design with the use of lighting. Here's how we use lighting.

Chandeliers are used as a focal point in design and provide ambient lighting. We love to use them in various rooms to create interest and atmosphere. Choose fixtures that work with the proportions of the room and any furnishings. Perfectly placed pendants can also add a layer of interest and ambiance. Ambient light fixtures can include wall sconces, lamps, and recessed lighting.

Wall sconces are super versatile and can be utilized in many rooms for various tasks. Creative placement in the kitchen and beside the bed can span task lighting qualities or create ambiance. Wall lighting down a hallway creates ambiance and will lead you people from one space to another. The style of wall lighting is limitless, ranging from bold to subtle charm.

Kim Layne understands how light can affect design. Textile and wall color can be greatly altered by the type of lighting. It's crucial for an interior design to reach its full potential. Considering the right fixtures for a space, as well as the types of luminance in those fixtures allows for optimal atmosphere and function within the home, and smooth transitions through days and evenings.


We have the experience to maneuver the intricacies of lighting within your home or office as well as outdoors. Contact Kim Layne Interiors and illuminate the potential of your space!

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