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Love At First Sight

Updated: Mar 26

Curb appeal in our current real estate market has never been more important for our builders. With Interest rates on the rise, catching a buyer’s eye from the street can make all the difference. Our Kim Layne build designers are on top of trends and forward-thinking. Here’s some insight from our team to yours!

House designs

Builder-Devex Properties / Design-Kim Layne Interiors

Though modern design is still popular, we've seen a desire to pull in traditional elements. The key is to combine modern and traditional aesthetic in a balanced way. Combining stone, wood, and metal on exteriors is still hot. Use these materials with contrast of colors and neutrals to create a cohesive design. Natural light is still at the top of the list for buyers. Windows play a big role in an exterior's feel, creating a beautiful addition to the overall impact a home makes on potential buyers.

Builder-Devex Properties / Design-Kim Layne Interiors

We love the addition of peaked roofs to modern design. Adding elevating lines brings a lofty feel and adds interest and drama. This also bridges a gap between the craving for designs of the past and modernity, bringing the story of nostalgia into our current pulse.


Neutrals mixed with black are standing with grace and bold charm. Taupe is top on our list for the perfect trendsetting color to pair with black and cream. It has a timeless, graceful appeal. That being said, we all love forward thinking and surprises. Don't be afraid to make a color statement. Blue or green hues are on trend in the current market, and adding them to an exterior can make a big impact. Adventure is the spice of life so take some risks and have fun!

Neutral mixed with black house design

Builder-KNG / Design-Kim Layne Interiors

Landscaping will also helps with design cohesion, and create a positive first impression. Creating a front nature-scape that accents the design of the home and grounds the space in nature will add value to the curb experience, drawing a buyer in.

Left images: Builder-Devex / Design-Kim Layne Interiors, Right: https///

We have a lot of experience creating buyer craved designs for our builders. Contact the Kim Layne team and access trendsetting build designs. Connect with the current pulse of the day!

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