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Step Into The Glamour

Here at Kim Layne Interiors, we've resolved to start this new year bold and bright. Let the glittering landscape of snow and ice reflect into your personality. Choose to move through this year with confidence, full of grace, glamour, and style.

Photo- Emily Redfield ~ Kim Layne Interiors

Design your interior to reflect your inner elegance.

Start by surrounding yourself with the joy of light. Mirrors, tile, metallics, and high gloss surfaces dance light around a room. Chandeliers are always show stoppers and are pushing the boundaries of modern style. Even walls are finding a place to shine with luminescent design. Go for copper, bronze, and gold for rich boldness, or stunning silver tones for a bright, timeless elegance.

Photo (from left)- Emily Redfield, Vertigo Home, Dezeen

Textile plays a huge role in creating rich allure. Velvet, Silk, and Satin not only look luxurious, but they're sensuous on the skin. Fill your home with plush rugs underfoot, and pillows, curtains, and throws that beg to be touched.

Photo- Emily Redfield ~ Kim Layne Interiors


Photo- Neiman Marcus, Chintz and Company

Remember to utilize color to portray glamour. Blush and silver are super soft and elegant visually. Though, we also love saturated colors. Try turquoise, deep purples, plums, and even black for a dramatic effect. Our homes have a great impact on our sense of identity. Choosing to surround yourself in beauty will inform and inspire your own glamour and beauty. Let this be the year of bold acts of self-love.


Bring me the sunset in a cup ~ Emily Dickinson

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