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The Allure of Exterior

Building dynamic exteriors are high on the list for any builder. Curb appeal is a buyer's first impression. Our research team here at Kim Layne Interiors has tapped into the desires and trends of 2021.

Kim Layne Interiors

The modern minimalist vibe has us excited about current home exteriors. Building homes with exceptional material has never been more accessible. Buyers are looking for a certain aesthetic more than ever before. Materials matter and people desire a connection to their surroundings.


Here are four key elements to tap into:

COLOR - The color of a home is always a standout element. This year’s exterior colors remain neutral and earthy, with dual tones or bold contrasting. Think deep hues and shades, or black accents with light creams and grays. Expect people to be drawn to a home that fits it surroundings. A secluded wooded lot pairs well with deep gray or green. For an airy, light landscape, go with a light tint. Painting brick is also big.

MODERN MINIMALISTIC STYLE - There’s a distinct modernistic approach to current design. Profiles with sharp, clean lines instead of curves. Minimalistic and fresh. Metal details balanced with natural wood elements and stark contrasting colors.


DOORS - Interesting architecture and larger doorways of iron and wood stand center stage. Pergolas and contrasting garage doors as accents. Contrasting materials and textures are creating harmony and balance.

WINDOWS - We’re seeing a desire for bright and airy interiors, so thoughtfully placed windows and more of them are trending.

Oswald Homes

Design and build lasting style and an exterior that’s a beacon to your buyers, drawing them in and creating excitement about what they might find inside.

Contact our amazing Kim Layne Builds team for more insight or to utilize one of our Builder's Packages.

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