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Transformative Design

Life is in motion and constantly changing. Though we may be seamlessly propelled forward, sometimes our spaces can be left behind, becoming dated or stale. Pushing a refresh button on your interior can breathe new life into your surroundings, inspiring growth and harmonizing with your current flow. Kim Layne Interiors is in love with the process of transformation! Featured below is one of our favorite transformative projects.

A space's potential comes to fruition through the masterful use of light, color, shape, and texture. The choice of how to balance these key elements creates the effect. As an Interior Designer, how one aspect affects another is not only a matter of intellect but also of intuition. Masterful use becomes an art, offering a limitless array of opportunities within one space.

Starting Design:

After KLI Design:


In the Dining Room, toning down the original gold of the ceiling and incorporating it in new ways, created an entirely new feel. Tying the blue and gold of the ceiling with the chairs brought balance from floor to ceiling. Large black and white images and gilt natural elements furthered the look, bringing a fresh, modern feel with richness throughout.

Starting Design:

After KLI Dining Room Design:


The office became a work of art and architecture, utilizing shape, color, and texture in fun ways and bringing new energy to the room. Bold color and textiles can make a design pop. In this space, the calming, deep, no-nonsense blues retain a grounding element for a creative flair.

Starting Design:

After KLI OfficeDesign:


Our creative process ranges from simple tweaks of creation to complete transformation. Begin your journey to a harmonized space today with Kim Layne Interiors.

Photo credits-Emily Redfield

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