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Vibrant Outdoor Living

This is an exciting time of year. Though we're still seeing snow here in Denver, the Spring season is upon us. Soon we'll be extending our living spaces outdoors again. This year has us focused on how fresh air spaces can facilitate welcoming family and friends back into our worlds. Expect to find the comforts of your indoor world suited for outdoor living. Outdoor bars, kitchens, lounges, and dining areas that encompass the full range of your entertaining and family needs.

Emily Renfield

Outdoor kitchens keep us near company while food is prepared and served. Full outdoor kitchens have become a necessity. Pergolas with options for full coverage are available. Consider roof coverage on the kitchen, dining, and lounge area for appliance longevity and extended seasonal outdoor use. Double-sided fireplaces are a wonderful feature allowing for hearth-side under the stars. Choose durable counters and surfaces like granite, brick, and concrete. Think sustained quality and durability for years of enjoyment.

Outdoor Living Today, Karyn R, Millet

Lighting and textile play a strong role in the design, creating comfort and mood. Create visual interest at night by highlighting interesting features like a garden path, water features, greenery, or a cozy sitting area. Lanterns and fire create a wonderful ambiance that can set a magical nighttime feel. As comfort is a top priority, the world of outdoor textile luckily has come a long way. Not only can your upholstery and rugs feel luxurious, but the design options are also limitless. Texture can also be built into the structural design.

Don't forget the green! Go texture bold with ferns, fronds, and succulents in striking, glamorous metallic pots, or in grounding, earthy pots of stoneware! Plant tall grasses to rustle in the breeze. Create a garden path of brick or stone and plant your favorite perennials and native plants. Build and design your outdoor space to be your own piece of paradise.

We're having so much fun designing our client's dream fresh air living areas. Think of your outdoors not just for entertainment, but as an additional living space. The concept is to recreate the same needs of your indoor living activities in your backyard. Think big and be creative!

Here's some of our favorite furniture from Tommy Bahama. We love this modern, angular design of his South Beach collection, a modern, angular design in metal.

South Beach by Tommy Bahama


We can help you procure and curate these choice pieces and collections for this year’s fresh-air living! Get In Touch with Kim Layne Interiors today!

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