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A Breath of Fresh Air

Updated: Mar 26

Spring is in full swing here on the front range, fresh and invigorating. We’re all stepping out and enjoying foliage in full bloom. Our extended living spaces are our respite as well as the stage for this season’s gatherings with friends and family. Our team’s talent for design is not contained by walls. Here are some tips to inspire your poolsides, patios, and rooftops.

Outdoor modern design

Blurring the lines between our indoors and out creates continuity and flow. Utilize the vision and style you’ve created within your home in your open-air spaces. If your love is clean and modern, like ours, why not carry that style outdoors too? Create the same types of hang spaces you love within your home on the outside. If cooking’s your jam, then make a high-functioning kitchen part of that space. Choose furniture that will create decadence for you and your guests as you gather this Spring and Summer.

Outdoor set with pillows

Connection to nature has become our driving desire in design. Strong greenery and flowering plants create color and contrast. Like pillows, plants can help pull a design together, creating continuity and urging your guests to take in the whole space. Choose statement pottery to showcase your foliage and utilize whatever dash of color that will help define your design.

Hardscape is another consideration. Exciting choices abound in the world of stone, brick, and wood, so make it fun and creative. Think texture in material as well as pattern and layout. This is another excellent opportunity to create continuity throughout your haven. Utilizing stone, wood, and other materials from your indoor design will keep the consistency and create a seamless transition, leading you and your guests outdoors.

Rooftop living area

Outdoor spaces present a unique opportunity to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living, providing additional space for people to gather, and creating a seamless connection to nature. By working with our talented team, you can create a beautiful and functional space, perfect for any occasion. Contact Kim Layne today to get started on your dream poolside, patio, or rooftop design!

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